Political Reform at Britainswayforward

Here we believe the best way to reform the government, isn’t to hire costly consultancies, but to use common sense in all decisions that are made for the good of the voter.

This would include government salary caps, reduced expenses for politicians and councilors, this would be done by removing the politicians and councilors official credit cards, restricting spending on there private homes and reducing there travel expenses, every one else in the country who works for a living pays there own travel expenses and buys there own food, why should a politician be any different.

Legal aid to illegal immigrants will be stopped, they came here uninvited so if they want to appeal the decision of the courts, they can pay for it themselves, the tax payer will not be made liable to fight there cases in court, or to bank roll there stay in this country.


About stevemorak

This is my blog with my views, the views at www.britainswayforward.com and stevetaylor.britainswayforward.com are also mine. if you agree or disagree please leave a comment. My name is steve taylor i'm 57 and pretty easy going, but i believe things can change for the better with out being radical or violent, all you have to do is do it differently to how its being done, i'm into boats and BBQs boats and i love sleeping and enjoy life.
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