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This is my blog with my views, the views at and are also mine. if you agree or disagree please leave a comment. My name is steve taylor i'm 57 and pretty easy going, but i believe things can change for the better with out being radical or violent, all you have to do is do it differently to how its being done, i'm into boats and BBQs boats and i love sleeping and enjoy life.

Banks and Responsibilities

Different doesn’t mean Radical. The Bank of England has the privilege of being the Governments bank. In times of recession brought about by banks they lend money to them at negligible rates of interest, the money they use is tax payers … Continue reading

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Political Reform at Britainswayforward

Here we believe the best way to reform the government, isn’t to hire costly consultancies, but to use common sense in all decisions that are made for the good of the voter. This would include government salary caps, reduced expenses … Continue reading

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Spineless hypocrites

Finally the bunch of spineless hypocrites at the UN and the EU finally told Gaddaffi to stop or face military action. This decision should have been made days ago, but they wanted to stay on the fence to see what … Continue reading

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Politicians acts of Treason

Politicians of all parties have for the last 50 years conspired to sell out this country and its people, to the EU. Every party in power and those wanting to come into power have effectively joined forces so Great Britain … Continue reading

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Dave (U Turn) Cameron doesnt know what to do about the eu ruling. Call a Referendum. steve

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EU Clowns seems the eu is taking more of our freedom to self rule.

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