Banks and Responsibilities

Different doesn’t meanĀ Radical.

The Bank of England has the privilege of being the Governments bank. In times of recession brought about by banks they lend money to them at negligible rates of interest, the money they use is tax payers money. Which the banks are supposed to use to help the nation re-cover and grow from a disaster of the banks making, in times of recession and at other times the government borrow money from the banks, at what is termed competitive rates, which is usually a lot higher than the banks got it at from the Bank of England.

A recession is brought about by several contributing factors, Greed-Irresponsibility-Short sightedness-No accountability-Throwing caution and common sense to the winds-and an attitude of it’s not mine, so ive nothing to lose, why should i care we are going into a recession it wont effect me I will still get paid.

This has been going on as long as we have had banking, its accepted as the normal way of doing things, we have good times and then bad times.

Government of the present and pastĀ  have failed to clear the nations debt, by doing the same things over and over, just re wording what they say. If you keep doing the same thing and keep getting it wrong, change what you’re doing.

The changes we propose arent radical, just different to what we have been getting, failure after failure.

1 Causing or being part of the cause that puts the country into recession is a criminal offense, punishable by and or, imprisonment, freezing and liquidation of all assets to include but not limited to, houses cars savings pensions bonuses reputation to name but a few.

2 Managers directors and traders are personally and morally responsable for the debt of their bank, the above will be used to lessen the burden to the tax payer.

3 The Government will borrow of the government’s bank at negligible interest rates

4 Banks will not out source labor to other countries, it will use the labor pool we have here, failure to do this will mean there will be no access to government contracts or benefits. A bank in this country gets its work done from people in this countries labor pool.

Steve Taylor

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Political Reform at Britainswayforward

Here we believe the best way to reform the government, isn’t to hire costly consultancies, but to use common sense in all decisions that are made for the good of the voter.

This would include government salary caps, reduced expenses for politicians and councilors, this would be done by removing the politicians and councilors official credit cards, restricting spending on there private homes and reducing there travel expenses, every one else in the country who works for a living pays there own travel expenses and buys there own food, why should a politician be any different.

Legal aid to illegal immigrants will be stopped, they came here uninvited so if they want to appeal the decision of the courts, they can pay for it themselves, the tax payer will not be made liable to fight there cases in court, or to bank roll there stay in this country.


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Spineless hypocrites

Finally the bunch of spineless hypocrites at the UN and the EU finally told Gaddaffi to stop or face military action. This decision should have been made days ago, but they wanted to stay on the fence to see what was obvious to every one else, Gaddaffi was murdering his own people, more likely they wanted to see the reaction in the press and then try to play it down so they dont upset the oil cart.

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Politicians acts of Treason

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Politicians of all parties have for the last 50 years conspired to sell out this country and its people, to the EU. Every party in power and those wanting to come into power have effectively joined forces so Great Britain is a suberb of the EU, they have done this by signing various treaties in support of the EU. And when questioned about it, have lied about what the treaties mean.

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Dave (U Turn) Cameron doesnt know what to do about the eu ruling.
Call a Referendum.

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EU Clowns
seems the eu is taking more of our freedom to self rule.

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